Commercial Asbestos Removal Melbourne CBD – RMIT Campus

Asbestos Removal Commercial Melbourne CBD

Commercial Asbestos Removal Melbourne CBD – RMIT Campus. PROAS Asbestos Removal recently set to work with a commercial asbestos removal project at RMIT University’s City campus location. The campus building was under redevelopment and required the removal of asphaltic cutback adhesives and cement adhesives from brickwork and cement walls. Asbestos fibres were highly sought after […]

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Commercial Friable Asbestos Removal – Hawthorn

Commercial Friable Asbestos Removal Hawthorn

PROAS Asbestos Removal recently removed friable asbestos from a commercial property in the eastern suburb of Hawthorn. The window infill panels of this property were contaminated with friable asbestos which is when asbestos is at its most hazardous, so as a result, it had to be removed. Friable asbestos is asbestos that contains materials that […]

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Commercial Asbestos Removal- Windsor

Commercial Asbestos Removal Windsor

PROAS Asbestos Removal recently completed a commercial project in Windsor. This site was contaminated with asbestos fibres and required the removal of concrete slabs and walls.   Just as asbestos was used in many building materials as an insulator, it was also used with concrete as form work and as a moisture barrier. The asbestos […]

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Residential Asbestos Removal – Bentleigh

Asbestos Removal

PROAS Asbestos Removal was recently contacted to remove asbestos cement sheeting from the eaves, external walls, wet areas and sun room of a residential property in Bentleigh. Asbestos cement sheets are made up of a mixture of cement and asbestos and are commonly found in residential properties developed before the 1980s. The images below show […]

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Commercial Friable Asbestos Removal – Surrey Hills

commercial friable asbestos removal surrey hills

PROAS Asbestos Removal recently completed a commercial project in Surrey Hills. This property was contaminated with friable asbestos, which is a greater risk to an individual’s health so it had be removed. Friable asbestos refers to asbestos containing materials that can be easily reduced to a powder when dry. Because it can easily dissolve into […]

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Asbestos Cement Roofing Removal – Footscray West


PROAS Asbestos Removal was employed to aid in the removal of 10,000m2 of asbestos cement sheet ceilings to a heritage listed warehouse. We first conducted a thorough inspection of the 20m high warehouse located in Footscray West to obtain as much information about the location and condition of the Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) as possible. […]

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Residential Asbestos Removal – Richmond


Our client in Richmond recently contacted us to remove the roof and wall cement sheeting containing asbestos from a section of their house. Cement sheeting is a common material containing asbestos that has been used in the construction of buildings prior to the 1980′s. Upon inspecting the building containing asbestos, it was evident that the […]

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Asbestos Removal Huntingdale – Vinyl Floor Sheeting Removal

Asbestos Removal Huntingdale Job

Asbestos Removal Huntingdale Job – PROAS was called-out to a suburban home in Huntingdale to remove 4500m2 of asbestos vinyl floor tiles. As per the asbestos control plan, we began by removing all items and furniture from our work area, and erected clear barricades and signs to identify our work area. After dressing into our personal […]

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